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Founded in April 2005, Agrotam emerged as a pioneering entity committed to revolutionizing the agricultural landscape. With an unwavering focus on the agricultural sector, Agrotam swiftly established itself as a premier authority in the realm of agricultural machinery and spare parts.

Drawing upon our extensive expertise and industry experience, Agrotam diligently curates a comprehensive selection of top-tier agricultural machinery and spare parts, catering to the discerning needs of farmers and agricultural enterprises worldwide. We tirelessly strive to procure and showcase cutting-edge products from renowned manufacturers, forging strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as Sampo, Claas, New Holland, Yto, Foton, Belarus, and more.

At Agrotam, we believe in...

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Empowering Agriculture

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From tractors to combines our comprehensive selection of top-quality spare parts
for agriculture machines ensures uninterrupted performance.

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Powering Farms, Empowering Growth:
Unleash the Potential with Our Comprehensive Range of Agriculture Machines and Spare Parts.

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A comprehensive and user-friendly product catalog is essential for showcasing the range of agro machines and spare parts available.

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Provide customers with valuable resources related to the agro machines and spare parts they purchase.

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Agricultural Machinery


Unleashing innovation and efficiency, our advanced lineup of cutting-edge agriculture machines elevates productivity,
streamlines operations, and empowers farmers to embrace the future of farming.